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Specialising in Medical Capacity Assessments in NI.

Local medical consultants assessing financial capacity, testamentary capacity, capacity for instruction of Enduring Power of Attorney and other healthcare related assessments of medical capacity. We work with private medical clinics, GPs and legal practises across Northern Ireland.

Local Consultants

We work with a network of local medical consultants and professionals to carry out assessments.

Speedy Results

Assessments are typical arranged within 2 weeks. And finalised reports provided 48 hours thereafter.

Flexible locations

Assessments can be carried out at a client’s own home or residence, a care home or at a convenient location.

Financial Capacity

Dreenan Medical’s consultants will assess your client’s capacity in financial matters. We’ll consider the person’s ability to make decisions concerning their finances, business, home or estate.

We consider and report on important physical, cognitive and communicative impairments that may have an impact on financial matters.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney mental capacity assessment will explore whether the client has the mental capacity to decide whether the proposed attorney is trustworthy, competent and reliable and also that they have the skills and ability to carry out the tasks expected of an attorney.

Dreenan Medical’s consultants will provide a full medical and legal assessment regarding Power of Attorney. Typically within 14 days.

power of attorney medical assessments uk
DOLS assessments in Northern Ireland for NI Care Homes and Hospitals

A DoLS assessment is essential in some situations in Northern Ireland.

Arrange an assessment

Getting started on an assessment is easy. We’ll need to capture a few details and then we’ll do the rest.
Assessments are typically arranged within 2 weeks. And full reports generated 48hrs thereafter.